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Be More Curious And Less Worried

Ted Lasso is a beloved TV show that is on the top of my favorites list. I love the wit and humor in the show along with the ups and downs of life. The “Be Curious” darts speech is a highlight of Season 1. Ted commits to a darts contest to save his boss.

The good stuff starts at about the two-minute mark of the video clip.

Beyond the humor of this scene, there is a valuable lesson to be learned. Lifetime learning means that you must be curious and ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask dumb questions and be genuinely interested in the answers. We have so much information accessible and at our fingertips through apps, podcasts, YouTube videos, and courses and conversation. Seek out learning and be especially be willing to learn from people around you.

As an entrepreneur, there is always a wall of worry to climb, whether business is going well or you encounter challenges. Some entrepreneurs, investors and the media focus way more on the negatives than on the positives. There are just so many sources of information that will add to your worry. My advice is to stick to your strategy and focus on the long term. Be curious about new business ideas and embrace perpetual learning through every avenue possible.

Being a curious student means that you ask good questions and actively seek out the answers. Coaches and teachers should spark your curiosity in topics that are valuable to your business. Once your curiosity is piqued by asking the right questions, you will remember information and have the skills to put the information into action.

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