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Build a Business and a Lifestyle to Grow Consistent Cash Flow

Creating a new company is an experience full of exciting energy with highs and lows. You learn to change directions as you experiment with your ideas. Some ideas are winners and beat your expectations while other ideas create mixed results and put you back at the drawing board. That is the nature of small business.

At Apex Virtual Accounting, we recently spent time reflecting on our business and defining our ideal client. Over the past several months we have worked on courses to teach about tax planning and we have created a nice library of articles that we feel will benefit our audience. As we dive deeper into our expertise, it became clear that our combined experience in real estate investing and the construction industry gives us knowledge that can really help that niche.

What obstacles does this industry face?

Real estate investors and builders know how important it is to assemble a team. You should work with a great real estate agent and find an experienced accountant to help with the financials. Whether you are investing in residential or commercial real estate, developing a subdivision or building a home, you should always do a lot of research to forecast your risk and the potential for profit.

Real estate is a great place to build wealth, if you are smart about your choices. This week Zillow (NASDAQ: Z) (NASDAQ: ZG) announced its decision to exit the business of buying and flipping homes entirely. Zillow's problem is that they learned real estate is a very local business. Trying to invest in property in areas where you don’t have expertise will likely lead to paying the wrong price. Zillow found out the hard way how risky this business can be.

What are the benefits available to builders and investors?

The good news is that when done correctly, real estate (whether owning or building) can lead to long-term wealth. The advantages of real estate investing include:

  • You have control - you can buy the physical property or invest in a passive investment that someone else manages.

  • Real estate can be a great source of steady monthly income payments.

  • You can use leverage to help grow your portfolio and diversify your investment portfolio.

  • You can mix and match your strategies to reduce your risk.

The bottom line is...

Our experiences give us the tools that enable us to help you build your real estate business too. You went into entrepreneurship because you were attracted to the lifestyle that it could offer. Freedom appeals to you - freedom with your time, finances, choices - and we can show you how to get there.


This month is Thanksgiving and a time to show gratitude. We are grateful for so many things, including our friends, family and clients. We hope to use our expertise to help clients build a network, a legacy and a lifestyle. We work with entrepreneurs that are building subdivisions, rental portfolios, a business to grow and sell, or a business that will secure your retirement. Real estate investing can seem intimidating when you consider the risks of flipping houses or managing tenants. The good news is that there are so many ways to reach your goals and manage your time constraints. If you or someone you know have questions about how we can help, please reach out to us today. We look forward to talking with you.

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