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Seasoned Guides Make all the Difference

I love new adventures. So when I was invited to do a white water rafting trip on the White Salmon River, I jumped at the chance. We immediately began with a Class 3 rapid, which started the adrenaline early and also got us into a rhythm of “let’s do this” right away! Casey was our seasoned guide and he made the whole experience fun and safe. The river was not boring as we seemed to always be approaching the next rapid. We even went over a 10 foot waterfall (Class 5) and I loved every minute! This was so much different from my last experience white water rafting. We didn’t have an experienced guide and we hit rocks, flipped over, and overall had a much more difficult time on the river.

I compare the wild ride of rafting to the experiences of small business owners over this past year or more. We have all experienced the adrenaline rush as we navigate the rapids of this pandemic and it feels like the rapids keep coming, one after another. The demand for holistic advisors has provided an enormous opportunity for accountants because small business owners need seasoned advisors to help them prepare for the many varieties of rapids out there.

Advisors can help entrepreneurs so that they can confidently navigate the river and enjoy the ride. Here are some of the key ways that accountants can provide higher value to your business:

  1. We teach business owners how to use technology in order to disrupt stale processes and enable automation.

  2. We help clients to transform their mindset to seek new challenges and opportunities to improve their business.

  3. We work together to create a playbook to effectively communicate with employees to help both employers and employees feel safe and informed.

  4. We seek partners to help you with the compliance work. We work directly with your CPA at tax time to implement the strategies we have designed together. We can also work directly with you on tax compliance.

  5. Most important, we provide certainty that you will make it through the rapids with new experience and continue to grow.

Just as my river guide Casey helped me to feel secure and prepared for the rapids, accountants are the guides in this current business environment. The accountants at Apex Virtual Accounting have experience and we can be your seasoned guides. We work with you to learn what your goals are and where you are on your journey. We help you to navigate the rough water so that you can enjoy the smooth parts of the river too. We have many resources to help you find the best solutions for your business.

Small businesses need help more than ever and we can be the difference maker for our clients by providing proactive, relevant, and timely advice.

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