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Three Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

With only two months left in the year (how did that happen?!) I’ve found myself reflecting on the personal and professional goals I set for 2021. Our ambitions at the beginning of the year can change quite a bit over the course of a year. A lot of life can happen between the time we initially set those goals and where we find ourselves at present. No matter which direction your business headed this year, now is a great time to reflect on goals, decide if you are making progress in the right direction, and start making plans for the coming year. Use the following questions and prompts as you work through the goals you set for yourself this year.

What goals did you set at the start of 2021?

Where are you with these goals now? What progress, realistically, can you make towards these goals before the end of the year? Does it make sense to continue on or adapt and make new goals for 2022? Maybe you had a product launch that didn’t go as planned or an unexpected business expense that sidetracked you. Rather than spending more mental energy stressing about the fact that you didn’t hit a particular goal, ask yourself if it’s a goal you still feel would be worthwhile to pursue.

How do you want to feel at the end of 2021?

I think this is a great question because we spend so much time focusing on the goals themselves that we forget how we’d like these goals to make us feel. Do your goals lead to a feeling of accomplishment or do you feel dread when you think about the list of things to do? When you reflect on the goals you set for yourself and your business this year, spend time thinking about how those goals make you feel and if the goals are helping you create the life you really want.

Is there a habit you could implement between now and the end of the year?

Forget about the goals you set for this year, just for a moment, and pick one habit you can implement for the rest of the year. Maybe it’s spending an hour every morning working on a list of prospective clients. Or an hour each day reading up on your favorite business publications, blogs, or books. Or an hour each day organizing receipts, documents, and preparing year-end financials (rather than waiting until things are due to your CPA come tax time). It can be as simple a habit as you’d like, the point is to pick only one habit so that you can put your effort into it. If you haven’t read our past blog about how you can take a scientific approach to habits and goals, be sure to check it out here.


If you can spend the time now to reflect on the goals you set for 2021, you’ll be better equipped to make the most of these next two months and prepared to take on whatever goals you set for yourself and your business in 2022.

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